Our Benefits

Point of Difference

Our approach offers our Clients a single point of responsibility, providing reduced administrative burden, significant cost savings, seamless communications, enhanced responsiveness and program capabilities.


  • As professional consultants for a wide range of commercial, government, and local-government projects, JDI Projects are able to offer an extensive range of advice on approaches, processes, durations and techniques, as well as a solid understanding of the capacity of available contractors
  • Wide ranging experience in the BCA, Building Surveying and DDA accessibility fields
  • A professional capability to identify risks and propose mitigation steps
  • Advice on cost management and how to avoid overruns
  • A visible presence on site and to contractors
  • Our focus is on client outcomes of cost, quality and time
  • Extensive experience in project and program management
  • Extensive experience in consultant and contractor management
  • Skilled, experienced and accredited personnel
  • Independence from other consultants and contractors.