Project Management

Project Management

JDI Projects’ professional, experienced and accredited team take a proactive approach to managing projects.

As Client Representatives we take responsibility and reduce the confusion and complexity of your Building Projects!

We combine core professional and technical skills with analytical and business management acumen…

Working together to design, develop and implement strategies and processes, we successfully deliver projects within the key parameters of time, cost and quality.

Working on the principle of “value for money” and not just delivery of service, we are also continually adding measurable value through risk and cost management.

JDI understands that the essence of Project Management goes beyond simply planning and monitoring a series of tasks. Our management methodology also involves:

  •    Efficient Communication
  •    Contract & Agreement Guidance
  •    Cost Management
  •    Human Resource Management
  •    Integration Management
  •    Quality Assurance
  •    Risk Management
  •    Scope Supervision
  •    Time Management

JDI’s proactive management of all the above project aspects ensures the successful delivery of both our and our clients’ projects.